We The North

Our individual and collective history is made up of moments.  But, there are some moments that are historic.  These are snapshots in time whose parameters can best be framed by “Where were you, when ….?”  Around 11.50 pm on June 13, 2019 was one such moment.

Once considered underdogs, the Toronto Raptors dethroned the Golden State Warriors to claim the NBA Championship crown.  Truly a crowning glory of their 24-years history.  It was a moment when an entire country came together.  Basketball has come a full circle in Canada.  What an amazing sport, that helped us celebrate our diversity through the inclusiveness that was on display both on and off the court.  Fans and players came together, representing different countries, races and cultures.  For at least some time, we forgot all else and became one to celebrate and savour this special moment.

I am proud and delighted to be a member of the “We The North” tribe.  Thank you Raptors, for creating this magic.

2 Replies to “We The North”

  1. As a foreigner, I am also very proud to be a citizen of the“We the North” community and through this journey, to become “We the Champs”. Thank you Raptors!!!


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