About this blog

Pratibimb – reflections on one person’s life that is interwoven with so many other lives.

Pankaj Mehra is an unremarkable “regular” guy with multiple personas at any given time of – family man, husband, father and grandfather, brother, friend, rival, professional, community member and a proud Canadian with roots in India. It is interesting – and occasionally – challenging, to live up to the expectations “others” have of the label they attach to Pankaj, but one tries.

This weekly blog is an attempt to reach out to other seekers who do not take their own personas too seriously and – living in each moment – are willing to open ourselves to life’s endless possibilities and joys.  It is an attempt to initiate conversations for greater tolerance and a wider acceptance of beliefs and peoples.

Help to enrich it by contributing your thoughts and starting gentle, ever-widening ripples that are not contained by limiting shores of perceptions and beliefs.

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