Ibteda …start

Main akela hi chalaa thaa jaanib-e-manzil,

magar log saath aate gaye aur kaarwaan bantaa gayaa

– Majrooh Sultanpuri

[I had started alone towards my destination, but

People continued to arrive and a caravan continued to evolve]

This journey has been a long time coming.

Over the past six decades many people have contributed to shape my very being and to each of them I am grateful.   But how far back does one go to express gratitude?

Osho reminds us that the precise moment of procreation when a new life commences, is itself the culmination of a series of preceding events and the result of combined efforts of friends and families who helped to bring the two parents together.  Going back in history, the same is true in turn of each of their parents and so forth.  Thus, at any moment possibly all history coexists in each of us simultaneously with the potential of the future waiting to spring forth through our actions.  It is a sobering thought to be mindful of, as it is only this moment that we have control over. By the same token, we cannot limit our expression of gratitude to a few select people.

The act of showering, besides literally helping to clear my head also serves metaphorically as a reminder to reflect on the benevolence of Grace and express gratitude for:

  • being well and able to take care of my daily needs
  • the hot/cold running water available at the flick of the wrist
  • the ability to enjoy the pleasurable sensation of water trickling over my body
  • being able to drink from the water source by the simple act of turning my head up, while so many others are unable to access clean water

Each breath inhaled is the start of a new life “time” and affords us the opportunity to thank those around us and others not physically present.


14 Replies to “Ibteda …start”

  1. You know, I had a feeling your first blog would be about meaningful relationships – the timing couldn’t be all that incidental! – and it is! But it is also so much more, so much deeper. Love how it ties together a beautiful shaer with Osho’s philosophy. There are so many people that guide us, mentor us, show us the way, care for us, about us, and are there for us. Wealth is indeed not money and we are all richer than we think in ways we sometimes don’t even realize.


  2. In this age of noisy mind space, these are quiet thoughts, arising from that deep wellspring within you. They will find reflection in many hearts. Well begun!


  3. Wisdom! Enjoyed reading your first blog…looking forward to many more. Can I just say that I am just ever so grateful for a friend like you!!


  4. Pankaj, such beautiful thoughts! Gratitude sprinkled with introspection, perception and a treasure of insight. These are glimpses from your soul. Simple pleasures taken as blessings. This is a great journey with a possibilistic structure that can lead you where you want to go. Keep on.


  5. This is really so true Pankaj and we seem to forget these small pleasures that make life worthwhile.Enjoyed reading your thoughts and looking forward to more.


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